medoaziz17 said: Hi , I want to know about masturbation , is it healthy or not ? , thank you

Hi thanks for your question! YES, masturbation is healthy! It is a natural and normal part of our lives, and we do it when we’re young, through adolescence, until we’re old! It’s a great de-stressor, it helps us get in touch with our bodies and feel better about how we look, and it helps us know what we like and what we don’t when we’re with a partner.

Medically speaking, there is nothing wrong with masturbating; in fact, studies show over and over again how natural and normal it is. Now I can’t speak about the religious connotations because I’m not a religious leader nor do I know what you believe in, but religions have long spoken negatively about sexual issues, including masturbation. It’s up to you to decide what you believe and what you’d like to do as a result of your religious beliefs. But medically, carry on!

There is another part however to this answer. If you’re masturbating very frequently, like to the point where thoughts of it start to overrun your mind, and masturbating has taken a first priority over other things in your life, then I would say it’s not a healthy thing anymore and you should probably speak with your physician about help.

Hope that helps! Keep sending your questions my way!

Monday Jan 7 10am  

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